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It all started with an idea

For more than 8 years now, we have been dealing with animal relaxation, because the coexistence of humans and animals is characterized by responsibilities, to which we at RelaxoPet feel extremely committed.

The common togetherness is a great daily incentive for our company in the development of innovative product ideas around the topic of animal relaxation.

Many years of innumerable, practice-oriented tests in a wide variety of stress situations in a wide variety of application situations in animals have resulted in today's innovative RelaxoPet product lines for various animals.

The simplest and most effective application between animals and animal owners always have the highest priority in the development of technical innovations.

RelaxoPet is more than innovative


As a creative company with the greatest enthusiasm for innovation, we recognize the pulse of the times and will continue to do justice to all changed demands in relaxed, animal-friendly coexistence.

With our team of creative minds, we take on the new challenge every day and constantly develop new, innovative product ideas.

In addition to our well-known and popular RelaxoPet PRO animal relaxation trainers, in the coming months we will be offering many more new, innovative premium products on the subject of “simply relaxing animals”.

We are already looking forward to the upcoming product presentations, which will surely set another milestone in the area of ​​animal relaxation.

TÜV certified, because safety is important to us


Product safety is a large measure of our responsibility towards our customers and animals. Our new PRO product series has now received TÜV certification for product safety and production.

We are very happy about this great award, which confirms the quality of our product lines.

Long-term sustainability


Resource use is one of our guiding principles when developing new products.

Despite the satisfaction of needs, our experienced product engineers maintain a high level of regeneration in all of our products and manufacturing processes.

In addition to our responsible handling in product development, product raw materials and modern manufacturing processes, we also maintain low-emission delivery channels.

The highest demands on our products and our high quality level of raw materials create trust.

RelaxoPet product overview

The man behind RelaxoPet

RelaxoPet in the TV success show

Frank Bendix, Inventor and managing director of RelaxoPet 

"What could be nicer than a relaxed pet? I have been dealing with the topics of deep relaxation in the human area for several years. By chance in my practice at the time, I became aware of the frequent relaxation sounds for animals. After more than 3 years of testing and development, our relaxation products for animals came into being. ”

Ralf Dümmel, Managing Director DS Produkte

"An animal lover, of course, wants only the best for his most faithful companion. If the animal is under stress during fireworks, thunderstorms, alone or when traveling, the Animal Relief System is now a good tool.
I am enthusiastic about Frank Bendix, who invented something special. "

media reports

Here our customers have their say

"I've never seen my two fur noses so relaxed during a thunderstorm"

"Using RelaxoPet is really child's play"

"How easy deep relaxation can be, we experience daily with our dog, THANK YOU"

"The relaxation phases of our hangover have increased noticeably thanks to RelaxoPet PRO. No more marking!"

In educational school dog training the ideal companion.

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