relaxPet CHEW
Herbal premium snack for dogs

The special snack

The new herb innovation

CHEW herbal premium snack

A dog is always happy about a high-quality dog ​​snack. There is now the right snack for every need, every taste, shape and color.

RelaxoPet CHEW already took a conscious, consistent path with the conception of new, innovative dog snacks, always in accordance with our company motto “Happy Pets - Happy Life”.

Our RelaxoPet CHEWS should be different - with the consequent renouncement of flavor enhancers, unnecessary additives, grain or corn flours, without coloring and not baked during the manufacturing process, the heat of which can destroy vitamins. When the basic recipes were developed, high-quality herbal recipes were the almost finished products in many tests added gently.

Everything is lovingly made and packaged using the art of craftsmanship, that is our latest herbal premium sack, which we call RELAXIES (Relax-Level 3) to strengthen the animal's own relaxation, IMMUNIES (Relax-Level 2) to strengthen the animal's own immune system and our ACTIVIES (Relax level 2) to strengthen the natural joint functions.

Her fur nose is looking forward to high-quality snack enjoyment from RelaxoPet.

Handicraft our manufactory

Finally no greasy hands

Do you also know the problem that during the walk you stained your jacket pockets from greasy dog ​​snacks?

This does not happen with our RELAXIES, moreover, because of their round shape, they can be used as a throwing ball for fun and games while walking.

The soothing herbal mixture has been hand-mixed according to scientific knowledge and brought into shape by hand with a new recipe, packaging for packaging.