One device for two groups of animals

Dogs and cats have their own special experiences of fear and stress, which the pet owner often does not even notice in the initial situations.

When dogs or cats suffer from certain situations, this is usually reflected in a changed behavior. Cats often urinate uncontrollably outside of their litter box or withdraw.

In dogs, symptoms of stress can lead to panting, drooling, loss of appetite, sleep disorders, excessive cleaning behavior and much more. Untreated stressors can cause serious illness in animals, just like humans.

Thanks to the latest technology, RelaxoPet © EASY helps dogs and cats in a wide variety of stressful situations, completely free of side effects, to restore the animals' own relaxation and is not comparable to conventional relaxation music for dogs and cats.

RelaxoPet © EASY can be used in a variety of ways and, thanks to the integrated battery operation, is completely mobile in use.

EASY product highlights

Animal group selection

Simply select the right group of animals (dog or cat) and RelaxoPet EASY will work with the right relaxation sounds for your animal.

Sound field selection

Would you like to listen to the relaxing sounds of the RelaxoPet EASY? No problem, just select the mode that can be heard by humans and you can relax together with your animal friend.

battery protection

The new integrated battery protection constantly monitors the performance components of the RelaxoPet EASY.
This protects the integrated battery.

relaxPet EASY DOG

Audio sample

relaxPet EASY Cat

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Application area dogs
Application area cats

Easiest operation & handling

With our new RelaxoPet EASY animal relaxation trainer, we have placed particular emphasis on the simplest operation and handling, so that it is suitable for all dog and cat owners.

A clear one. Clear control panel explains all operating steps in a self-explanatory manner and the integrated battery protection monitors the RelaxoPet, so you protect the integrated lithium battery, simply EASY!

The integrated, audible worlds of sound were precisely tailored to the respective group of animals and also allow the humane listener to relax.

RelaxoPet EASY is equipped with a triple battery LED and the latest USB-C charging connection technology.

Relaxation can be so easy!

RelaxoPet EASY

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