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RelaxoPet Animal relaxation trainer

Our new RelaxoPet Animal relaxation trainer In addition to easy handling and an integrated 120 minute timer, they promise an uncomplicated and economical application and are available in the dog / cat combination version and as a single version for birds and horses. The pet owner can choose with the RelaxoPet pet relaxation trainer whether the sound output should be done with or without additional composed relaxation music, a simple switching is enough and already works RelaxoPet for human hearing silently.

RelaxoPet for dogs and cats

RelaxoPet for birds

RelaxoPet for horses

Our RelaxoPet Animal relaxation trainer can be more than beautiful


2Compact sound box

3Soundbar with side volume / pause mode

4Selection switch group of animals (model dog / cat)

5On / Off switch

6Audible or inaudible sound waves

7LED operating display with 3-fold charge level indicator

RelaxoPet once explained