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1. General information

Battery recharge time
The charging time of the integrated battery depends on the USB power supply. On average, the fully discharged RelaxoPet is fully charged in about 40 minutes.
Even during the charging process, you can use the sound module in full.
Permanent power supply possible?
The sound module has been provided with electronic overload and overcharge protection so that the integrated LI battery can not be damaged during charging. A permanent charge can affect the battery capacity.
We therefore recommend the use in battery mode.
Note that your RelaxoPet version automatically switches to timer mode after 120 minutes of operation.
Relaxopet PRO, on the other hand, has two adjustment options (4h and continuous operation and is therefore recommended even for longer transports.
Acclimation of RelaxoPet

In the acclimatization phase, it is advisable to place the RelaxoPet near the favorite spot of your pet. Or in a familiar environment, so that your pet combines the RelaxoPet with its sounds and frequencies, with something familiar.

Initially in audible mode and then the silent mode can be activated.

As a rule, 4-5 days are enough to get used to it. However, this is individually dependent on the stressors. During this time, "noise" such as TV or radio should be avoided.

Only after the acclimation phase can the RelaxoPet be used in stressful situations. If possible, about 30 minutes before the beginning of the stressor (eg before leaving the house) activate the device in audible mode.

Are there any sound overlaps when using multiple devices?

Of course, several devices can be used simultaneously in different rooms.

A sound overlap and thus a reduction of the relaxation onset can not be done, but it can happen that the relaxation is further reinforced / deepened by multiple sonication.

The frequencies are animal group specific. However, cats react to about 30% also relaxed on the frequencies of the dogs. Dogs, on the other hand, respond to 40% of sound waves destined for cats.

If there are two or more RelaxoPet devices in the house, then this is no problem! The sound waves can not overlap and a "Überbeschallung" does not take place.

I hear a sound in silent mode

People have a different, age-related hearing spectrum, so people also partially perceive the inaudible sound waves as SCRATCHES up to the ZIRP. This is perfectly normal and technically conditioned by the frequency sound waves.
The crackling or noise is not a defect, but rather a quality feature of the frequent, deposited soundtracks.

Contraindications at other frequencies, TV, radio, sound field alignment?

RelaxoPet sound modules are subject to extensive testing. Also in the laboratory possible contraindications, with simultaneous use of the RelaxoPet sound modules in magnetic field therapies, low level laser treatments, low level light therapies and various electrotherapy, tested.

RelaxoPet sound modules can be used in any therapy, without any loss of performance or other annoying side effects.

Radio waves or TV have no effect on the frequency sound waves of the RelaxoPet and are not "counterproductive" either.

The device or the sound field orientation has no influence on the relaxation of the animal. The RelaxoPet can thus be used in silent mode while watching TV, in the car when traveling, in all other transports. We are talking about different high-frequency areas that have no negative influence on each other and do not overlap!

Is the short manual sufficient?
As the name implies, the instruction manual included in the device is only an abbreviated version. Please download the complete user manual before using our RelaxoPet. These can be found as a handy PDF link in the footer section below.
Have fun & success with the application.
RelaxoPet while walking

RelaxoPet can also be used for walking or riding. The best way to do this is to take the specially designed RelaxoBag with you. This bag has a snap hook, which can be easily attached to the leash / bridle or backpack.

Just take RelaxoPet with you for your next walk or ride.

Please note the reduced relaxation area of ​​approx. 3 meters around the device.

You will notice that your dog is more relaxed during the walk and also refrain from engaging in aggressive behavior as soon as they enter the relaxation area.

Even when riding, the fears of unexpected situations will be reduced.

Why does not RelaxoPet contain a USB power plug?

In the development of the RelaxoPet series, we deliberately concentrated on the highest quality of the sound module. Meanwhile, there are, according to statistics in a household more than 4 USB charging options (PC, printer, USB hub, mobile power adapter, car, etc.) and daily new opportunities are added.

All these USB charging points can be used to charge the RelaxoPet sound module.

Many power plugs are now, due to the variety occurring in the household USB power plug, not used.

Therefore, we also protect unnecessary resources and the environment.

Why does the sound module have no external sound output?

Unfortunately, our RelaxoPet sound modules and their included speaker dome do not allow the subliminal sound waves to be played back on external speakers. The consequence would be a loss of the soundtracks, which would lead to a significant reduction of the relaxing subliminal tones.

Therefore, it is not possible to play the subliminal sound waves on other speakers.

How do I use RelaxoPet when traveling in the car?

For all trips the RelaxoPet must be placed in a safe place. Best in the side rear shelf. Please select inaudible mode when driving, so that you can not be distracted by the audible sound waves.

For longer trips, we recommend to restart the RelaxoPet in the 2 version during breaks, so that the integrated timer restarts from 120 minutes.

Where do I put the RelaxoPet in the house best?

We recommend the installation of RelaxoPet near the favorite place of the animal. Please take care at the first application that the RelaxoPet is not directly accessible for your pet.

2. RelaxoPet PRO version

My device does not turn off?

You can not switch off the device with the ON / OFF button?

This is often due to the fact that the NOISE-MOTION system is still activated. Just slide the switch for NOISE-MOTION to OFF and the device will switch off. Please note that when using NOISE-MOTION no additional switch-on is necessary. (Further information can be found in the operating instructions)


The new PRO product series has an integrated NOISE-MOTION sensor, which detects the ambient environmental level in the absence of the animal keeper and automatically switches on the RelaxoPet PRO for a relaxation time of 30 minutes when stressors occur. So your animal is completely protected even in your absence from occurring stressors.

The new NOISE-MOTION system is controlled by 2 highly sensitive microphones DUPLEX. This is not a pure decibel-controlled function. NOISE-MOTIN works in different steps that the electronic board processes accordingly (eg volume / intensities / repetition frequencies).

The NOISE-MOTION system can also be used in conjunction with the PRO Timer. To do this, activate the sensor, as well as the PRO Timer, before pressing the play button (selector switch to the left).

3. RelaxoPet version

120 minutes timer in RelaxoPet version

The RelaxoPet version has an integrated 120 minute timer. This timer function is preset for animal welfare, so that the user can not forget to deactivate RelaxoPet. Because very rarely it requires a longer sonication period.

The experience of many experts and product users has shown that the total relaxation time, after the active exposure by RelaxoPet, is up to 240 minutes even with high stressors.

If, in exceptional cases, this total relaxation time is insufficient, you can use the breaks, for example when traveling / transporting, and can restart the built-in timer of 120 minutes by pressing a volume button or by switching the sound module back on / off.

Please take care not to use RelaxoPet in situations where no additional relaxation is necessary. Because we want to help your pet to rebuild its own self-relaxation. RelaxoPet is a relaxation trainer.

Timer in the PRO version

RelaxoPet PRO has two settings (4 hours and continuous operation) and is therefore recommended for longer transports.

The timer can also be used within the NOISE-MOTION monitoring mode. To do this, activate the NOISE-MOTION sensor and the PRO Timer (selector switch to the left), and then start the device (Play button). After expiry of the 4 hours timer, the module automatically switches to monitoring mode (see NOISE-MOTION sensor).

4. dogs and cats


A fireworks signifies high stressors for all animal groups.

For every fireworks we recommend to use the RelaxoPet before, during and after the event in audible mode. To do this, set up the RelaxoPet near the animal's favorite spot and start the RelaxoPet about 30 minutes before an upcoming fireworks display.

Sudden thunderstorm

If you are surprised by a sudden thunderstorm, set RelaxoPet to the audible sound mode and set the volume to a comfortable volume. You will notice how your pet instantly relaxes and noises caused by the storm do not matter.

If your pet still does not relax, just increase the volume until you notice an incoming relaxation in the dog.

Various animal groups in a household

The RelaxoPet (Version2) gives you the opportunity to relax the animal groups of dogs / cats with just one sound module.

Before using RelaxoPet, consider which animal is "stressed out" in your opinion, this group of animals we ask you to preset.

You will notice that the other groups of animals in your household also participate in the relaxing sound waves, so that they too can relax with you.

The ratio is approximately as follows:

  • In the dog attitude also relax about 30% of cats
  • In the setting cat also relax about 40% of the dogs

5. horses

My horse has been ordered stable rest. How do I use RelaxoPet correctly?

In the case of a prescribed stable rest or in case of illness we recommend the use of the inaudible mode for your animal. Please keep the RelaxoPet in the supplied case during use and hang the suitcase in about 1m height, if possible unattainable for the horse.

Animal environment for my horse. How do I use RelaxoPet?

In all strange environments for your horse we recommend to use the audible mode for all stressors in the first days. Please note that you should use RelaxoPet in your suitcase and hang RelaxoPet at a height of about 1 meters at the most inaccessible place for your horse.

animal transport

With all animal transports you lead your animal with RelaxoPet in audible mode into the transport trailer. Please use the audible mode during transport in the trailer and use the enclosed transport case, which you can attach near the head.

If the transport is longer than 2 hours, then please re-activate the 2 version during transport control. RelaxoPet PRO, on the other hand, can be set to continuous operation.

Please start the module in audible mode about 30 minutes before the start of loading.

6. birds

At what distance do I put the sound module next to the birdcage?

If the birdcage is indoors, then the module should be no further than 5 meters away from your bird. Outside, the reception radius is 3 meters.

7. video Tutorial

video Tutorial

Video tutorials on visual application explanation will be published here shortly

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