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RelaxoPet sound modules can literally redesign existing programs in the animal's subconscious mind by erasing negative expectations and replacing the destructive patterns with positive input.

This allows you to achieve success without any effort in the animal only while listening to the RelaxoPet sound modules, in a very natural, relaxed way; from the inside to the outside.

RelaxoPet sound modules on a patented subliminal basis for animals are nothing mysterious. “Subliminal”, as an unconscious information in the context of aural perception, could be defined as “verbal stimulation below the threshold of conscious perceptibility in animals”, the key word here being “perception”.

For a perception to take place at all, a neuronal activity must be triggered in the brain of the animal. The animal's ear absorbs the tuned subliminal vibrations and forwards the impulses directly to the brain.

Subliminal perceptions are completely natural and instinctive in animals

Through 6's years of intensive research and development, RelaxoPet has developed and protected the novel subliminal sequences and sequences for animals that integrate the previously disregarded aspects of brain research into animals and develop a method that always adjusts the affirmations to the basic information carrier Subconscious of the animals perceives and absorbs the subliminal tone sequences equally well.

Interpolated animal affirmations are mixed into the entire audio material, also a pure animal subliminal tone sequence is created, so that the animal owner perceives the subliminal tone sequences without further acoustic tones.

Pet owners are amazed at the fact that RelaxoPet has a fast onset of action as all RelaxoPet sound modules have been adapted exactly to the group of animals.

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