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Immune strengthening for snacking

Our high-quality RelaxoPet CHEW IMMUNIES recipe not only tastes good to the dog, but also supports the natural increase in immunity and thus the dog's health thanks to our balanced herbal mixture of echinacea, taiga root, black cumin and rose hip.

Soft and gentle on the teeth, with balanced vitamins and minerals, the new RelaxoPet CHEW IMMUNIES promote the healthy strengthening of the dog's immune system.

Whether in the park, at home, on a walk in the forest or during training. With RelaxoPet CHEW IMMUNIES, your dog will be rewarded playfully regardless of the environment by linking the execution of a command to the seductive scent and taste of RelaxoPet CHEW IMMUNIES.

Uniquely immune-boosting

Our immune-boosting RelaxoPet CHEW herbal mixture contains vitamins C, B2, folic acid and many minerals. They strengthen the dog's immune system and work against free radicals.

Simply immunizing good!

The functional IMMUNIES contain an immune-boosting, balanced herbal mixture and are free from grain additives or coloring agents.

IMMUNIES, the new, immune-boosting herbal snack. Easy for every day.

Available in a 150g pack from August 2020 in well-stocked zoological retailers

Immune-strengthening herbs


Free of dyes


Grain free


Free from corn

Developed for an active, relaxed dog life

Almost every fifth household has a fur nose, genetics, but even a healthy lifestyle can lead to dogs staying young longer - and also living longer.

We deliberately avoided using additional oils during production, so RelaxoPet CHEW are not greasy and can be conveniently removed individually from the fresh pack.

For relaxed dog adventures!

Product Highlights

  • hypoallergenic  
  • special, immune-strengthening herbal mixture Echinacea, taiga root, black cumin and rose hips
  • without grain, gluten or corn flour
  • Monoprotein
  • without preservatives  
  • soft soft, not baked
  • 150 gr. Packaging

Not greasy!

Do you also know the problem that during the walk you stained your jacket pockets from greasy dog ​​snacks?

This does not happen with our IMMUNIES, and thanks to their soft, soft shape, they are great for playing and having fun while walking.

The immune-boosting herbal mixture has been hand-mixed according to scientific findings and crafted with a new recipe, packaging for packaging.

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