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Small Animal Practice Botterweck | Germany

Many thanks to the small animal practice Sven Botterweck and his entire team in Duisburg. Our RelaxoPet relaxation systems have also been in use here for many months. Our RelaxoPet relaxation trainers are used successfully and supportively in daily work in the veterinary field.

Center for Veterinary Medicine Switzerland

Our big thanks go to MARIGIN in Switzerland. The Center for Veterinary Medicine has been using our RelaxoPet relaxation trainers very successfully in their daily work since 2016. For stationary stays of dogs and cats, for support after anesthesia, as well as for transport trips, hotel and veterinarian.

Hotels with dog guests are very trendy

What was unimaginable years ago is completely normal today. Many dog ​​and cat owners spend their well-deserved vacation together in a strange environment, also for the animal. Hotel owners have already adjusted to this new trend. In addition to a cozy blanket, drinking vessels and also a snack, more and more houses are offering the RelaxoPet animal relaxation trainer for rental during the stay free of charge.

Veterinary practice Kempen

Many thanks to veterinarian Marc Stützel and his team for the successful use of our RelaxoPet PRO animal relaxation trainer during the wake-up phases after surgery.

Relaxation for Swiss Army service dogs

Army service dogs, whose tasks are very varied and require a high degree of concentration, motivation, versatility and courage, can relax in their free time with our RelaxoPet animal relaxation trainer.

Training center for animal based pedagogy Rheinland-Pfalz

When Bello is at school. School dogs are trained in their use in a special training center. The animal owners include teachers, curative educators or social workers. Here, too, the RelaxoPet animal relaxation system is used directly in the classroom.

RelaxoPet wishes you continued success in training school dogs!


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