Distance control app

The new RelaxoPet Distance-Control App is now available for the PRO and EASY product series. This new, comfortable app enables the precise volume setting of the animal relaxation trainer at the respective place of use. 

TÜV certification

Our PRO product series has received TÜV certification. Safety has always been a major concern in the manufacture of our products, which we have now received with certification from TÜV.

Tidingen Ridsport Sweden

Many thanks to the team of the riding magazine Tidningen for the detailed report of RelaxoPet PRO for horses in Sweden and the great success in the application.

Canile de Riccione veterinary

Our heartfelt thanks to Dr. ssa Carmen Silvia Montesana and her entire team for this RelaxoPet PRO testimonial for cats. Here, too, in individual and large-scale systems, it shows how versatile RelaxoPet PRO can be used and how quickly the first signs of relaxation appear in animals. We are very pleased

Veterinary Clinic | Italy

Our heartfelt thanks to Dr. ssa Francesca Ciani and his Italian veterinary team for this testimonial of RelaxoPet PRO in multiple application situations such as waiting rooms and rapid regeneration after surgical interventions. We are very happy to continue to support you and your Italian vet team and to see many stressed animals in Italy

RelaxoPet wins Special-Mention Award 2021

On August 07.08.20th, 2021 we received the good news that RelaxoPet with its PRO relaxation trainer is one of the winners of the German Design Award XNUMX in the “Special Mention” Excellent Product Design category. More on that shortly

Small Animal Practice Botterweck | Germany

Many thanks to the small animal practice Sven Botterweck and his entire team in Duisburg. Our RelaxoPet relaxation systems have also been in use here for many months. Our RelaxoPet relaxation trainers are used successfully and supportively in daily work in the veterinary field. 

Center for Veterinary Medicine Switzerland

Our big thanks go to MARIGIN in Switzerland. The Center for Veterinary Medicine has been using our RelaxoPet relaxation trainers very successfully in their daily work since 2016. For stationary stays of dogs and cats, for support after anesthesia, as well as for transport trips, hotel and veterinarian.