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Our new RelaxoPet animal relaxation trainer PRO with many new and innovative features for the experienced and ambitious pet owner, dog schools, animal trainers and much more. All RelaxoPet Animal Relaxation Trainer PRO have our new, intelligent NOISE-MOTION System, which recognizes the animal's stressors in the absence of the animal owner by means of room monitoring and activates itself fully automatically and relaxes the animal. The PRO series also includes a newly developed one PRO-timer with various setting options (4 hours or continuous sound). All settings are also visually displayed on the clear new LED display panel.

As with all RelaxoPet animal relaxation trainers, the animal owner can choose whether the output should be with or without additional relaxation music, a simple switch is enough and RelaxoPet animal relaxation trainer PRO works silently for the human ear.

Easiest operation

Place RelaxoPet in the desired location and calm the sound waves & relax.

Novel technologies

Our developed processors are a guarantee for reliable operation.

Long playing time

High quality integrated LI technology ensures a long service life without socket.

New, additional innovations


The new, innovative NOISE-MOTION system in our PRO version fully automatically monitors the ambient volume in the absence of the animal keeper using integrated DUAL microphones, and when stressors are detected, RelaxoPet Pro switches on for 30 minutes. Once the animal has calmed down again, RelaxoPet PRO goes back into the monitoring and standby mode.


The new PRO timer in the RelaxoPet PRO is now adjustable. You can choose between two sounding cycles, runtime 4 hours or permanent sound.

This allows the ambitious pet owner to choose the sound times as needed.

LED indicator system

The new LED indicator system shows you at first glance all the settings of your RelaxoPet PRO. The new LED battery indicator also flashes red and indicates in good time that the device must be charged.

RelaxoPet PRO version dog

RelaxoPet PRO version cat

RelaxoPet PRO version bird

RelaxoPet PRO version horse

Our RelaxoPet Animal relaxation trainer PRO can be more than just beautiful


2Compact sound box

3Soundbar with side volume / pause mode

4start button


6PRO timer (4h or continuous operation)

7LED operating display with 3-fold charge level indicator

RelaxoPet animal relaxation trainer PRO simply explained

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