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Unlike humans, animals relax in different ways. RelaxoPet PRO animal relaxation trainer is the innovatively protected all-in-one solution for fast deep relaxation based on the latest, frequent (subliminal) vibrations for dogs, cats, birds and horses in a compact design.

All RelaxoPet PRO Animal relaxation trainer are practical, cordless, independent of a power socket and completely without side effects in a wide variety of application situations with a wide variety of behavioral problems and stress and were developed in over 5 years of research and development in close cooperation with veterinarians, breeders and animal owners.

As with all RelaxoPet PRO animal relaxation trainers, the pet owner can choose whether the output should be with or without additional relaxation music. A simple switch is enough and the RelaxoPet PRO animal relaxation trainer works silently for the human hearing.

This is how the RelaxoPet PRO animal relaxation trainer works

RelaxoPet PRO animal relaxation trainer is the ideal solution for influencing the brain and the stress reaction stored in it in a subtle way that is barely noticeable to the animal - also preventively. It is a compact sound module that uses frequent vibrations to provide deep relaxation for dogs, cats, birds and even horses.

All RelaxoPet PRO animal relaxation trainers have an individual sound carrier track that is precisely tailored to the respective sense of hearing of the corresponding animal group. These vibrations are barely or not at all perceptible to the human ear, but have a highly effective effect on the animal's subconscious.

RelaxoPet PRO Animal relaxation trainer can be used to reassign certain fear-related stressful situations in the animal and to link it with something positive. The stressors are reprogrammed to a certain extent. To do this, the sound module is simply switched on before the anxious situation occurs. The animal is then already in a relaxed state and less stress hormones are released in the upcoming situation.

RelaxoPet PRO Animal relaxation trainer   not comparable with conventional, commercially available relaxation sounds for animals.

Stressors without relaxation sounds


Stressors with relaxation sounds through CD / radio


Stressors with RelaxoPet relaxation sounds


An overview of our RelaxoPet PRO animal relaxation trainers

RelaxoPet PRO version dog

RelaxoPet PRO version cat

RelaxoPet PRO version bird

RelaxoPet PRO version horse

Easiest operation

 Place RelaxoPet at the desired location and calm and relax the sound waves. 

Novel technologies

Our developed processors are a guarantee for reliable operation.

Long playing time

High quality integrated LI technology ensures a long service life without socket.

Technical details of our RelaxoPet PRO animal relaxation trainer

Degree sound field

Percent relaxation *

Hours of battery life **

Volume settings

* Stress reduction analysis ** Volume / function-dependent 

Our RelaxoPet PRO Animal relaxation trainer can do more than just look good


2Compact sound box

3Soundbar with side volume / pause mode

4start button


6PRO timer (4h or continuous operation)

7LED operating display with 3-fold charge level indicator

Many new innovations in the PRO version


The new, innovative NOISE-MOTION system monitors the ambient noise fully automatically when the animal owner is absent by means of integrated DUAL microphones, and when stressors are detected, RelaxoPet Pro switches on for 30 minutes. As soon as the animal has calmed down again, RelaxoPet PRO goes back to monitoring and standby mode. 


The new PRO timer in the RelaxoPet PRO is now adjustable. You can choose between two sonication cycles, running time 4 hours or permanent sonication.

The ambitious pet owner can choose the acoustic times as required.

LED indicator system

The new LED indicator system shows you at first glance all the settings of your RelaxoPet PRO. The new LED battery indicator also flashes red and indicates in good time that the device must be charged.

So RelaxoPet PRO can also help your animal

Stress and anxiety can have very different triggers in animals.

Loud and garish fireworks, for example, lead to high stress and panic reactions in almost all animals, as does a visit to the veterinarian, the feeling of loneliness or an unusual situation, such as transporting travel. RelaxoPet PRO successfully helps dogs, cats, horses and birds to calm the respective animal in stressful situations, whether in their own four walls, in the stable, in a cage or in a non-animal environment.

The key to relaxation in all animals is the subconscious that RelaxoPet PRO is stimulated by various tone sequences and vibrations. Depending on the sound module, these are tailored to the respective group of animals.

Simply relax animal well!

RelaxoPet PRO animal relaxation trainer simply explained

The RelaxoPet PRO principle

The key to the subconscious

RelaxoPet PRO animal relaxation trainers can literally redesign existing programs in the animal's subconscious by deleting negative expectations and replacing the destructive patterns with positive ones. The integrated speaker promises a great surround sound.

Overview of Relaxopet PRO animal relaxation trainers:

  1. Speaker for great surround sound
  2. integrated sound wave electronics
  3. with audible and inaudible sound waves
  4. 15 adjustable volume
  5. high quality LI battery technology | wireless
  6. Indoor and outdoor suitable
  7. most diverse applications

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