RelaxoPet now in all dog-friendly hotels

Four-legged guests who bark, whine or howl in the hotel room because their owner is not nearby and from which other hotel guests feel disturbed?

The sudden horror of housekeeping when suddenly a four-legged friend lingers in the room and growls?

Which hotel doesn't know this?

For example, non-animal environments can cause considerable stress in animals.

A new environment, new smells or strangers can quickly lead to sensory overload for a four-legged hotel guest. 

This manifests itself in Uncleanliness, Restlessness, howling, barking or other unwanted behavior and lowers the level of relaxation of other house guests.

It is precisely in these situations, when the dog is alone in the room, that four-legged hotel guests can relax deeply with RelaxoPet PRO and process what they have experienced more quickly.

Up to 35% less cleaning costs due to animal hair removal due to walking around due to insecurity and restlessness of the animal through the use of RelaxoPet could be recorded in partner hotels.

A relaxed dog is a WIN-WIN situation for every hotel:

Hotel guests are often more relaxed, stay longer in restaurants, can enjoy their food or other activities in peace, while the four-legged friend simply sleeps and relaxes in the room.

RelaxoPet awards RelaxoPet through its performance and service queries 5 paw seals. Here the visitor recognizes at first glance that this hotel is very animal-friendly.

The 5 paw seals is only given to houses that meet the following requirements:

  • animal-friendly accommodation
  • Free rental of RelaxoPet relaxation trainers (subject to availability) during your stay
  • Drinking or feeding bowl

Hotel 5 paws request