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Heat is as dangerous for our dogs as it is for us. Many dogs like to lie in the blazing sun. Here the RelaxoPet FRESH COOLING-BANDANA supports the dog in its thermoregulation.

The pleasant coolness refreshes the blood, the blood flows through it Cooling through the whole body. We humans also know the effect when we look at each other cold waterr run over the wrists.

A pleasant, relaxed feeling.

RelaxoPet FRESH, the new, innovative cooling bandanas for all dogs is a practical and reusable cooling dog scarf with integrated polymers, which ensures that your dog can cool down sufficiently during play, training or competitions.

It consists of an innovative, highly absorbent PVA and has long-lasting cooling by means of evaporation. Thanks to the practical Velcro fastener, the COOLING-BANDANA can be put on the dog easily and safely.

RelaxoPet FRESH COOLING BANDANAS are available in different sizes and are delivered in our practical PVC tube with carabiner clip. So the COOLING-BANDANA always stays moist. A simple shake is all it takes and the RelaxoPet FRESH COOLING-BANDANA is ready for use again.

RelaxoPet FRESH COOLING-BANDANA relieves heat stress, increased body temperature, constriction of the airways due to heat stress and helps your dog to cool down and stay healthy.

Our brand new RelaxoPet FRESH COOLING-BANDANAS are made from a new, innovative PV fabric and cool with the help of water and built-in polymers (evaporative cooling) for over 150 minutes.

Available in 2 different sizes (SM / L-XL) in a practical storage tube with snap hook

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