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RelaxoPet PLAY the innovative play ring with fragrance safe



The new, innovative RelaxoPet PLAY Multi-Ring offers the successful combination of play and relaxation for the dog.

The RelaxoPet fragrance safe system, which is innovative in the RelaxoPet PLAY, in combination with the optionally available RelaxoPet SENSE fragrance pods leads to a unique fragrance experience, which, depending on the variety, offers relaxation or protection against pests.

High-quality canvas with double seams, antibacterial integrated protective carrier layer and innovative RelaxoPet fragrance safe system.

Thanks to the new 3-layer concept with robust canvas and antibacterial protective carrier, the RelaxoPet PLAY Multi-Ring is extremely resistant and robust.

This way, the dog will enjoy his new favorite toy for a long time.

RelaxoPet fragrance safe

Simply insert a RelaxoPet SENSE scented pod into the chamber of the scent safe system of the multi-toy, close it and the new fragrance experience unfolds in a dose for up to 30 days.

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