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Animal relaxation trainer

Maximum relaxation with TÜV certification

relaxPet PRO easily explained

relaxPet PRO

The key to the subconscious

RelaxoPet PRO animal relaxation trainers can literally redesign existing programs in the animal's subconscious by deleting negative expectations and replacing the destructive patterns with positive ones. The integrated loudspeaker promises great surround sound.

Overview of the Relaxopet PRO animal relaxation trainer:

  • Loudspeakers for great surround sound
  • Integrated sound wave electronics
  • Audible and inaudible sound waves
  • 15 adjustable volume levels
  • High quality LI battery technology | wireless
  • Suitable for inside and outside
  • A wide variety of applications

Developed by professionals for professionals

PRO version

Unlike humans, animals relax in different ways. RelaxoPet PRO animal relaxation trainer is the innovatively protected all-in-one solution for fast deep relaxation based on the latest, frequent (subliminal) vibrations for different animal groups in a compact design.

All RelaxoPet PRO animal relaxation trainers are practical, wireless, independent of a power socket and can be used in a wide variety of situations with a wide variety of behavioral problems and stress without any side effects and have been developed in over 5 years of research and development in close cooperation with veterinarians, breeders and animal owners .

As with all RelaxoPet PRO animal relaxation trainers, the pet owner can choose whether the output should be with or without additional relaxation music. A simple switch is enough and the RelaxoPet PRO animal relaxation trainer works silently for the human hearing.

Sound world structure PRO

RelaxoPet PRO animal relaxation trainer is the ideal solution for influencing the brain and the stress reaction stored in it in a subtle way that is barely noticeable to the animal - also preventively. It is a compact sound module that provides deep relaxation with frequency vibrations.

All RelaxoPet PRO animal relaxation trainers have an individual sound carrier track that is precisely tailored to the respective sense of hearing of the corresponding group of animals. These vibrations are barely or not at all perceptible to the human ear, but have a highly effective effect on the animal's subconscious.

RelaxoPet PRO animal relaxation trainer can be used to reoccupy certain fear-related stressful situations in the animal and to combine them with something positive. The stressors are to a certain extent reprogrammed. To do this, the sound module is simply switched on before the fearful situation occurs. The animal is then already in a relaxed state and fewer stress hormones are released in the coming situation.

RelaxoPet PRO are animal relaxation trainers  not comparable with conventional, commercially available relaxation sounds for animals.

Stressors without relaxation sounds

non-compliant ✕

Stressors with relaxation sounds through CD / radio

non-compliant ✕

Stressors with RelaxoPet relaxation sounds

compliant ✓

relaxPet PRO

More than just good looks

Speaker module

Aluminum resonance chamber

Soundbar with various setting options



PRO timer (4h or infinite)

LED battery indicator with charge control

TÜV certified

All RelaxoPet PRO animal relaxation trainers are safety and design tested and have regular production monitoring

This is shown on every animal relaxation trainer with the TÜV seal.
For the safety of your favorite.

Noise motion

The new, innovative NOISE-MOTION system monitors the ambient noise fully automatically when the animal owner is absent using integrated DUAL microphones and when stressors are detected ...

RelaxoPet Pro switches on for 30 minutes. As soon as the animal has calmed down again, RelaxoPet PRO goes back to monitoring and standby mode.

PRO timer

The new PRO timer in the RelaxoPet PRO is now adjustable. You can choose between two sonication cycles, running time 4 hours or permanent sonication ...

This allows the ambitious pet owner to choose the sound times as needed.

LED indicator system

The new LED indicator system shows you all the settings of your RelaxoPet PRO at a glance. The new LED battery indicator flashes ...

also red and indicates in good time that the device needs to be charged.

Technical details

All RelaxoPet PRO animal relaxation trainers are practical, wireless, independent of a power socket and completely free of side effects and can be used in a wide variety of situations with a wide variety of behavioral problems and stress.


Degree sound field


Percent relaxation *


Hours of battery life **


Volume settings

* Stress reduction analysis ** Volume / function-dependent 

Application diffuser Sprays Drops RelaxoPet
Shipping costNoYesYesYes
Veterinary visitsNoNoYesYes
Indoor and outdoorNoNoNoYes
Stress detectionNoNoNoYes
Battery operatedNoNoNoYes
Auto activationNoNoNoYes

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