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PRO animal relaxation trainer for birds

The house bird is still strongly associated with its wild fellows in nature. In nature, the bird's chances of survival often depend on the avoidance of various dangerous situations and stressors.

For kept birds, however, it can quickly lead to health problems if the animal is permanently exposed to a wide variety of stressors.

Often, these stressors are unfortunately detected late by the owner, then show already visible symptoms or pronounced behavioral problems.

Bald stomach, back or wings: Seeing cage birds ruptured, usually a serious problem behind it. Because the animals compensate with excessive brushing stress. From boredom to new cages can have many causes.

The new RelaxoPet PRO animal relaxation trainer for birds and parrots has been specially developed for deep relaxation in over 4,5 years of research and development work and is suitable for every unbalanced bird and parrot, regardless of age and breed.

RelaxoPet PRO animal relaxation trainer successfully helps to avoid these stressors, whether in the cage or aviary, because RelaxoPet works independently of a socket with an integrated 120 minute timer thanks to the battery operation.

The individual volume levels of the RelaxoPet sound worlds can be adjusted by the user to the respective application situation and the ambient volume of his animal.

The RelaxoPet PRO animal relaxation trainer works with its special sound versions and vibrations that are tailored to the sensitive hearing of birds and parrots and allow the animal to relax deeply.

With the RelaxoPet PRO animal relaxation trainer, the owner can choose whether this should be done with or without additional relaxation music, a simple switch is enough and RelaxoPet PRO works almost silently for the human hearing.

RelaxoPet PRO animal relaxation trainer for birds is suitable for all kept birds and parrots regardless of age, species and group size.

RelaxoPet PRO

Key facts at a glance

PRO product highlights

TÜV certified

All RelaxoPet PRO animal relaxation trainers are safety and design tested and have regular production monitoring

This is shown on every animal relaxation trainer with the TÜV seal.
For the safety of your favorite.

Noise motion

The new, innovative NOISE-MOTION system monitors the ambient noise fully automatically when the animal owner is absent using integrated DUAL microphones and when stressors are detected ...

RelaxoPet Pro switches on for 30 minutes. As soon as the animal has calmed down again, RelaxoPet PRO goes back to monitoring and standby mode.

PRO timer

The new PRO timer in the RelaxoPet PRO is now adjustable. You can choose between two sonication cycles, running time 4 hours or permanent sonication ...

This allows the ambitious pet owner to choose the sound times as needed.

LED indicator system

The new LED indicator system shows you all the settings of your RelaxoPet PRO at a glance. The new LED battery indicator flashes ...

also red and indicates in good time that the device needs to be charged.