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The all-round perfect accessory

Sometimes it's the little extra things that make something valuable even more valuable.

Our design department has responded to the large number of customer requests and we now offer useful accessories around the RelaxoPet sound modules.

RelaxoPet BAG

This practical bag will inspire you too.

Perfect protection for the RelaxoPet sound system in cool dark jeans look. 

With snap hook for countless applications and protection.

• RelaxoPet Bag in a lined jeans look

• integrated mesh top

• Zipper

• snap hook

RelaxoPet Travel & Transport Set

More than just a practical case to protect your RelaxoPet sound module.

In addition to a matching resonance cutout, the Travel & Transport set is ideal for attachment to all kennels, transport boxes and when traveling. In addition to the mounting kit, a powerful USB 12V car adapter and an extra long USB charging cable are also included so that you can also charge your sound module on the move.

• RelaxoPet transport case with resonance cutout

• 12 V USB car charger

• Mounting kit for carrying case

• USB Flat charging cable

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